The correct use of the springs
Isaac Vega

Jul 10, 2018

With over twenty years like ‘roadie’ and profesional musician with some of the top spanish artists, Isaac Vega is the creator of Vegatrem’s idea. Based on innovation, respect for classics and maximum quality, it has developed the revolutionary VT1 Ultra Trem floating bridge.

The spring is the element that serves as a counterweight to the pressure exerted by the strings that is why it’s an element of vital importance within the system. In general, in terms of stability for tuning, the more resistance the spring offers its better. Logically, there is a very important thing, and this is the gauge of the strings; it’s not the same to use a string gauge 008 as a 012. All of these, translated in kg. of pressure, which can oscillate between 31 kg. and 66 kg. of difference according to the gauge.

To achieve an adequate the balance, it’s necessary to act with springs of different sizes (kg of resistance), for each pressure section. That’s why in VegaTrem we put at your disposal different kind of springs, and in our store you will find different measures of springs so you can optimize the functioning of your Vegatrem VT1.

In the welcome pack you will find four pairs of different springs, with varying tensions: high, medium, low and extra low tension.

Download the instructions for the correct use of the springs