VegaTrem, now for lefties

Sep 24, 2019 | NOTICIAS francés

VegaTrem is the right place for left-handed looking for a whole new level of stability and versatility without modifying the guitar. Here is the UltraTrem VT1 LH. This left-handed VegaTrem will be especially welcome because it is launched with the same quality and price as the standard version.

Now the lefty guitarists will have the same opportunity to “Play like never before”.

As dozens of lefties have suggested to VegaTrem, what a left-handed guitarist needs is a properly designed left-handed guitar with all the components made to be played left-handed, So a left-hand tremolo or vibrato is the key.

VegaTrem’s double-action VT1 UltraTrem VT1 LH is, as you may know, a revolutionary tremolo design. It’s a downsized unit that allows bending of strings, up and down, but without the hassle of micro-tuners and no need to modify the block system.

It’s the only double-action floating bridge that does not require sanding or modifying the original cavity of Strat-style guitars. Unlike other brands, it means the guitar won’t lose value when you sell it on.