“Guitar Chat”, new YouTube live broadcast section!

Mai 3, 2021

We at Vega-Trem are so happy to announce that we have premiered a new section called « Guitar Chat », a series of live broadcasts from YouTube. Every week we will have a new guest with whom we will have a conversation in which we´ll talk about guitars, songs, gear, musical experiences, live experiences, etc…

To kick off this new endeavour, we had Amir John Haddad, « El Amir », as our first guest. A guitar player born and raised in Germany from colombian an palestinian families. With such a diverse background, it’s no surprise that El Amir is one of the most versatile musicians from today´s scene, mastering styles as different as Flamenco, South American folk Eastern classical, Pop, Rock and many more. He talked to us about his career, secrets and upcoming projects.

If you missed our first edition, you can now join us. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss Guitar Chat #2 next Thursday.