Dweezil Zappa testing our VT1

Tom Quayle testing the VT1 UltraTrem

Tom Quayle is a well versed fusion-guitar player out of Leed’s in the U.K. A virtuouso guitarist and guitar tester testing here the VT1.


The VT1 UltraTrem is the easiest way to install a guitar vibrato on the market. Check it out with your own eyes in this video. Recommended for funk, jazz, heavy, rock’n’roll, country … You will hear how well a VT1 UltraTrem sounds in a wide range of styles.

Darrell Braun makes his review

“The Most EXPRESSIVE Trem for your Strat”

Julián Kanevsky, our tone guru

play his “Coronado” song with VegaTrem

Tony Martínez goes crazy with the VT1 in his "custom shop"

No words, look the video..

Darrell Braun: "I can´t explain it, this thing is unreal"